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CipUX is a modular framework for information abstraction and administration, primarily aimed at administration of users, groups and organisational resources stored in a central LDAP database. CAT is CipUX's administration tool. Two CATs are officially provided with CipUX:
  • cipux-cat: generic web-based CAT
  • cipux-cat-moodle: CipUX plugin for Moodle
These can be extended or replaced with custom tools.

Package: cipux-common

This package contains the common infrastructure for CipUX, including LDAP schema and main configuration file.

Package: cipux-ldap

This package contains the LDAP abstraction layer for CipUX, providing a Perl library to store and retrieve arbitrary classes of ldap nodes via Perl or a command line interface.

Package: cipux-object

The object class dispatches CipUX accounts and other objects and maps them to LDAP nodes.

Package: cipux-task

This package contains the CipUX task library, defining names for command actions upon objects and assemble them into groups. These tasks are used by the CipUX XML-RPC server as well as a command line tool.

Package: cipux-rpc

This package contains the CipUX XML-RPC daemon, serving the CipUX::Task API for network-based applications. Every XML-RPC application can access the CipUX::Task API and perform tasks, like creating users and other objects, inside the CipUX framework.

Package: cipux-cat-web

This package contains a generic CAT: A set of Perl CGI scripts for web servers like Apache to administrate users, groups, machines stored in LDAP using the CipUX framework. The use of the Template Toolkit (TT2) makes it easy to create themes with fancy layout or international translation.

Package: cipux-cat-web-userlist

This package contains a userlist add-on module for the generic CAT, listing amagement framework CipUX - XML-RPC daemon.

(C) 1999 - 2008 C. Kuelker